Mark Warren – Engineering Director
Mark is one of the most experienced and respected authorities in the area of Court Technology. In his 20 years in the industry, Mark has provided advice and solutions to most Jurisdictions in Australia and Asia.

Mark’s career in the last 10 years has been focused on the development of courtroom technologies and their implementation. He has been directly involved in the development of centralised court reporting system, digital audio court reporting system, implementation audio/visual systems and security systems.

Louise Dorman – Managing Director
Louise has extensive management and consulting experience in both private and public organizations and across a variety of business sectors including over 10 years in Court Reporting.

The core of her expertise is the development and implementation of corporate strategies and processes and the day to day management of large scale organizational change.

Paul Ranocchiari – Business Director
Paul’s experience in the legal environment has included work in litigation, Court Administration and implementation of Court technology. Paul’s work has included various Jurisdictions in Australia, as well as, in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Paul’s recent work has focused on the designing and implementation of technology systems for Courts in Asia.